World Health Day: The power of sports technology in improving health & wellbeing

As we commemorate World Health Day by the World Health Organization, the day provides a chance to reflect on how technology is used in sport to inspire and motivate individuals to participate in physical activity, using various components, such as personalisation, data, and gamification.

The advancement of sports technology has changed the fields of fitness and wellness, with the sector estimated to reach a global valuation of $40.22B by 2028. Sports technology has not only improved accuracy and performance for professional athletes, spectators and coaches, but also enabled individuals to stay active by providing real-time data to achieve optimum results, boosting motiviation, as well as reducing the risk of injury.

The value of wearables in monitoring health

Wearable technology has become one of the most prominent and popular applications of sports technology used by sports hobbyists as a means to monitor fitness and keep motivated, with sports, fitness, and wellness trackers accounting for 112.15 million of wearables in 2020, according to a study conducted by ABI research. 

Wearable technology has become increasingly versatile in recent years as devices, such as smart watches, eyewear and sportswear with built-in sensors have dominated the industry. One start-up that’s paving the way in the wearable technology sector is Moki, a wristband for schoolchildren that provides personalised health data to inspire movement in schools. Currently a member of the Sport Tech Hub community, Moki has reached schools across the globe, and at present, has over 60,000 active players in 967 schools.

Making fitness accessible with mobile apps

Since the rise of mobile apps in the last decade, research by App Annie found a 30% increase in app usage, with users spending 4.8 hours per day on mobile apps last year. Sports technology-driven start-ups have utilised the popularity of mobile apps to allow users to track progress, set goals and encourage physical activity in a manner that’s convenient and accessible to a broad range of users. 

One such start-up that’s part of the Sport Tech Hub community, prospering in the mobile app space is Her Spirit. A community of like-minded women seeking to become fitter and lead healthier lives through sport, Her Spirit provides various features to promote fitness and wellbeing through its app, such as live classes, expert coaching and fitness challenges.

Engaging users in fitness through gamification

Since gaining popularity in the late noughties, sports technology has disrupted the gamification sector by engaging and entertaining users to promote fitness and wellbeing, with over half (52%) of App Store fitness apps in 2021 containing at least one gamification feature. Employing gamification features in their sport-based tech product, Sport Tech Hub community member, Quell boosts fitness by empowering users with resistance-based workouts using fantasy-based games. Quell harnesses popular gamification features, such as points and levels to improve fitness retention and keep users immersed in the activity.

Sports technology has accelerated in growth at the turn of the 21st century, with technology in sport utilising key trends in order to motivate individuals to take part in physical activity by providing a range of functionalities, which enables physical activity to be more accessible and inclusive for a wider and more diverse set of users. As multifaceted products and features continue to emerge to advocate for fitness and wellbeing, the prevalence of technology in sport will facilitate in empowering more individuals to partake in sport.

Sport Tech Hub by London Sport has aided innovation in sports technology by supporting start-ups that leverage sports technology to improve fitness and wellbeing and increase sports participation.  As technology continues to advance, sports technology will mobilise data and analytics to provide more personalised experiences for users to encourage fitness and wellbeing.

To find out more about Sport Tech Hub, or any of the start-ups mentioned above, get in touch with the team here.

Teshani Nanayakkara

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