What are the odds?

In today’s world where inequality has been brought brutally to everyone’s attention, I would like to tell you a story, my own story, which might also provide a window into the DNA of TeamSportz.

In my early twenties, I was fortunate to be offered a job in a small digital agency as a software developer, despite having no qualifications or previous experience. I can assure you that back then the inclusivity agenda wasn’t even being discussed. Little did I know that moment would shape my life, enabling me to learn everything I could about software development and… be paid for it.

Twenty-odd years later I had an idea – why can’t we give everyone a way to track their sports-performance easily, affordably and without any fancy equipment? I knew that to make this dream a reality I needed to work with someone that would be able to see the potential of my idea and believe in my capability to deliver it.

Jorge Pena, who offered me that first software job, has been working with me to build TeamSportz ever since that moment.

What are the odds?

As Scott Belsky puts it,

starting a new business is a daunting and lonely venture with more lows than highs. Add to that the chances of success are not encouraging, as roughly nine out of ten start-ups fail.

If you listened to Check Warner and Arlan Hamilton at CogX20 you will also have heard how difficult it is to raise funding when you are underrepresented. The DIVERSITY VC 2019 report shows clearly the extent of the problem, which occurs in the UK as well as in somewhere as diverse as London.

A report by Diversity VC and OneTech With financial support from J.P. Morgan Published September 2019

My story, TeamSportz story, was only made possible because 20 years ago someone went against the tide and enabled an underrepresented, underqualified and inexperienced young black man to reach his full potential. That same promise is available today to business and to investors.

We must see beyond preconceptions and see only potential.

If you have an ‘against all odds’ story to tell, please reach out I would love to hear it.

Francisco Baptista

CEO & Founder TeamSportz
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