Time to Talk about Employee Wellbeing

Time to Talk Day takes place on February 3rd. It is national day devoted to talking about mental health.

In this article, London Sport Project Support Intern, Shannon Hall opens up the conversation around wellbeing, highlighting the great opportunity for employers to review their policies and culture against best employee wellbeing practices.

A recent survey by BHSF, a health insurance provider, found that 30% of employees would not feel comfortable discussing any mental health, physical health, grief, or financial concerns with their line manager.

But how can employers and workplaces create speak-up cultures which naturally support employee wellbeing discussions as well as physical health?

At Sport Tech Hub, we look to promote the transformative power of digital, physical activity, and sports solutions to help all Londoners live happier and healthier lives.

Considering the average Londoner will spend 1/3 of their lives at work, we believe supportive working conditions play a significant role in helping us to achieve our mission

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Here are our top-5 digital choices which could help your employees to live happier, healthier lives and, in turn, celebrate Time to Talk Day in your workplace:


WellBuddy is a digital wellbeing tool that integrates with calendars and automatically finds free time for employees to boost their physical and mental wellness.

They provide HR teams with performance data and save them time and money by fully digitalizing administration bits of well-being.

How does WellBuddy help people to become or stay physically healthy?

By integrating with an employee’s calendar, the WellBuddy’s predictive scheduling instantly finds good times for employees to take part in chair-based activities, stretches or take a microbreak, breaking periods of sedentary behaviour.

Walking on Earth

The working world has fundamentally shifted. Never have we seen such an upheaval to business norms; employee stress has been thrown into the spotlight and businesses around the world are struggling to respond.

Walking on Earth is solving this problem; through the first science-based platform to alleviate workplace stress. They have brought together the world’s leading experts in holistic health, drawing on ancient wisdom and modern-day science.

How does Walking on Earth help employees to become or stay physically healthy?

A key feature of the product is the ability for the employer to provide access to company-wide and community classes in yoga amongst other wellbeing options. There is also the ability for employees to access additional personalised support and on-demand.


Tahora is the workplace connectivity platform that takes the things that people love and turns them into real-life connections.

They take an employee’s interests and location to find likeminded kind of people, right under their nose. All suggestions for people, experiences, and communities appear on the employee’s own suggestion page.

Connecting with your colleagues has never been easier. Work is so much more than the job you do. It’s about doing the things you love with the people who love them, too.

How does Tahora help people become or stay physically healthy?

Tahora is all about connecting like-minded people based on an area of interest, of course could be a passion for running, a newfound interest in group exercising, or wanting to rekindle previous participation in a sport.

With new ways of working still a hybrid of remote and office base, activity can also be a vehicle to integrate new starters into the wider organisation.

syd (iamYiam)

iamYiam is an award-winning leader in predictive health technology that helps organisations improve the life quality of employees through their innovative app syd™.

syd™ provides outcomes-based health planning to steer prevention strategies and track ROI so organizations can view anonymous, aggregated data while employees get personalized, goal-based recommendations and advice.

How does iamYiam help people become or stay physically healthy?

iamYiam uses AI’s data-crunching and predictive powers to give recommendations for personalized preventative actions that head off physical, mental, and behavioral risks and boost the quality of life.

For organizations, they provide an anonymized population-insight health dashboard for outcomes-based health planning and to help steer prevention strategies and track ROI.


Fika is an institutionally customizable mental health improvement platform, underpinned by science, evidence, and technology, delivering mental education programs that improve mental health literacy and are proven to positively impact mental fitness metrics.

Working in partnership with leading psychologists, Ph.D. academics, technologists, thousands of students, institutions, athletes, and influencers to help us all unlock our mental potential.

How does the Fika help people become or stay physically healthy?

Fika aims to promote mental fitness as a positive and proactive activity for everybody. They offer a training platform, based around mental fitness, that can integrate with a company’s existing training programme.

So, right from staff induction, employees are taught how to look after their mental health in the same way they are taught and encouraged to look after their physical health.

The five employee wellness platform suggested are valuable tools employers can implement to demonstrate their commitment to better wellness for all staff.

Subsequently, investing in and embedding these platforms could be effective igniters in normalizing conversations around wellbeing and promoting physical health in the workforce.

Would you like to find out more ways to create a healthy workplace and workforce?

If you are seeking further inspiration and would like unique ideas, check out House of Sport’s Healthy Workplace Blog, which explores initiatives they use to promote physical wellness in the workplace

Visit our start-up and SME database to discover other products aiming to improve wellbeing through physical activity.

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