The Unspoken Truth About Running Plans

The Unspoken Truth About Running Plans

Whether new to running or more experienced, following the right training plan can make all the difference. There’s a plethora of stock running plans available which categorise you by experience level (‘beginner’, ‘intermediate’ or ‘expert’) or race target time (for example, a sub-five-, -four, or three-hour marathon).

However, research shows that this approach is failing: a third of us give up training due to injury, and only 26% achieve their goal. 

Furthermore, it’s estimated that up to 68% of people abandon Couch to 5K, with injury being the reason for almost half of all cases.

The ‘knowledge’ behind stock running plans is based on anecdotal evidence or scientific research focused on a small group of elite runners. The vast majority of people do not fit this category. Additionally, we’re all genetically and physiologically unique, and therefore our response to training is dynamic and varies from person to person.

This is where technology is stepping in: the AI (Artificial Intelligence) training planner. Unfortunately, the majority touted as AI planners are purely electronic versions of the aforementioned stock training plans. Some may try to be a little more ‘intelligent’ by adjusting your plan each week, based on the distance you actually ran the week before, but they’re only applying simple rules to mimic the appearance of intelligence.

But one system, TrainAsONE, stands out from the crowd. TrainAsONE, the multi-award-winning AI running coach approaches the problem differently to everyone else. It’s applied the most advanced AI technology to learn for itself the training that’s best for each individual. This not only makes its plans truly unique but enables unrivalled flexibility.

TrainAsONE does all the thinking for you and even allows you to train for multiple concurrent goals. All in the most efficient and effective manner — while minimising your risk of injury. It even considers the impact of the weather on your training.

TrainAsONE is proven to be highly effective for everyone from beginners through to elite runners. With a no-obligation, 21-day free trial of all features, there’s never been a better time to train smarter!

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Dr. Sean Radford

Founder & CEO at TrainAsONE
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