The Future of Fitness and Health: Ignoring Technology means Extinction

Trends and megatrends are pushing this industry into a new era: Large tech companies are increasingly discovering the growing market of tech supporting human biology. Female empowerment is hitting the tech scene as well, with analysts predicting the FemTech gross market value at one trillion euros by 2026. With blockchain and 5G, fresh technologies are hitting the market, revolutionizing the way individuals handle data. Finally, the pandemic has boosted the home FitTech market, with some vendors selling in weeks what they planned to sell in years.

Therefore, this claim stands more true than ever: If you are a fitness and health provider ignoring technologies, you have no future!

FitTech Summit V: Tech or Die!

Europe’s leading congress for health and fitness technologies will take up these trending topics on November 8 and 9 under the motto “Tech or Die!” – and in its fifth edition will gather more than 20 international visionaries talking about questions such as:

  • Big Tech: Are tech giants making us healthier?
  • Blockchain: The core ingredient for a fitness metaverse and digital health cockpit?
  • Fitness Mirror: The iPhone of the home fitness industry?
  • FitTech for women: The one-trillion-euro niche market?
  • Virtual Reality: Is VR finding its breakthrough in health and fitness?
  • Fitness as Religion: Are fitness communities the new church communities?
  • Fit Fiction: Will dying in the distant future become an option thanks to tech?


You can find the entire program at

FitTech Company CEO Natalia Karbasova: "New wave of start-ups changes the market"

“We are witnessing a new wave of technology-driven start-ups and tech giants entering the fitness, health and wellness space at a rapid pace. These will greatly change the industry today, tomorrow at the latest.”

Natalia Karbasova, FitTech Company CEO & Sport Tech Hub Mentor
About the FitTech Summit

FitTech Summit is Europe’s leading conference platform devoted to fitness technology and the future of wellbeing and healthy lifestyle.


It was founded by Natalia Karbasova, one of our valued mentors here at Sport Tech Hub, in 2018 and has since then welcomed the world’s leading fitness, health and tech visionaries on its stage, such as Will Ahmed (founder Whoop), Anthony Katz (Founder Hyperice), Tom Cortese (co-founder Peloton), Mike Lee (founder MyFitnessPal), Joe de Sena (founder Spartan Race) and Hap Klopp (founder The North Face).

The digital conference FitTech Summit V: Tech or Die! on November 8 and 9 will bring together visionaries in a live stream. Under the motto “Embrace Technology or Die Out” they will be talking about topics such as blockchain for fitness, FemFitTech and the entry of tech giants into the healthcare market. Free tickets are available at 


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