AI driven TeamSportz app gives grassroots sport a competitive edge

 TeamSportz enables players, coaches and teams to improve their performance and understanding of the game whilst enhancing their health and wellbeing. 


The London-based company are working with grassroots clubs across the UK to stay fit, improve performance and skills and build connections with teammates. TeamSportz played a pivotal role in keeping players active throughout lockdown earlier this year, at an uncertain time for local community clubs

‘Before lockdown, grassroots sports clubs and coaches had no way to connect with and motivate their players remotely. Every other sports AI app on the market has been built for professional teams, which of course comes with an expensive price tag. Either that or they had been built specifically for one sport only. TeamSportz has been designed specifically with the needs of grassroots sports teams in mind and we are proud to be the first company to offer teams professional sports tracking and performance data without the need for additional equipment and at an accessible price.’ 

Francisco Baptista, TeamSportz Founder and CEO.
Staying active together with TeamSportz

In January 2021, when the UK entered yet another national lockdown, Coach Micheal Case of the Manchester Kings Basketball Club and Manchester Valkyries Basketball Club decided it was time to take action and make a change to the way the team trained and practised together. Concerned that team performance and development were at stake due to a year of restricted practise and play, Micheal decided to pilot an app he had recently been introduced to – TeamSportz.

“TeamSportz was a game changer for us, it enabled both teams to stay connected, challenge one another, and improve player and team development – even from a distance.” said Micheal.  

21 players from the Manchester Kings and Valkyries piloted TeamSportz from February to April of this year. During the pilot, the players completed a total of 1,300 exercise sessions and 18,300 reps! Analysis of the data from the 3 month trial reveals that the month of March was the highest performing month in terms of activity, with each player completing an average of 3 sessions per week, with a peak of 133 separate exercise sessions done on a single day.

With the pandemic leading to an unsurprising decrease in physical activity in the UK, TeamSportz has been the difference between the 2 teams training and competing together, ensuring that players were kept accountable in their training and physical activity.

If you would like to find out more about TeamSportz, or enquire about partnership opportunities, get in touch here.

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