Just 24.4% of adults in Barking and Dagenham participate in physical activity, the lowest rate of all London boroughs and lower than the national and regional averages (36.1% and 37.4% respectively). To address this issue, Barking and Dagenham Council began to seek solutions that would not only help them tackle inactivity, but also build community. Using London Sport’s knowledge of the local challenge, Sport Tech Hub worked with Street Tag to develop their business offering and create key introductions to enable them to quickly present their work as a solution within the borough.

Barking and Dagenham Council asked Street Tag to build a product that would help address the following:

  1. How to support residents to increase physical activity levels
  2. How to build community and enable more residents to interact with one another
  3. How to signpost residents to help them make the most of local leisure facilities, libraries and green spaces

Following the year-long trial period:

  • A total of 211,731 miles of physical activity (walking and cycling) was recorded on the Street Tag app
  • Over 2,000 families in the local area signed up to use Street Tag
  • Over one million virtual ‘Street Tags’ were collected by residents
  • Further anecdotal data has seen users self-reporting increased levels of physical activity following use of the app.

Live partnerships with: Barking & Dagenham Council, Basildon Council, Kingston Council, Badminton England, Marks Gate & Be First

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