Street Tag Partners with Charities to Raise Funds and Get People Active

Street Tag is excited to announce the roll-out of the Health Tag Challenge- a special purpose vehicle which gets people physically active whilst raising funds for charities. The initiative is powered by the physical activities of participants and the support of Street Tag’s corporate partners, with the aim of enhancing family health and wellbeing and pioneering an innovative way to raise funds for charitable causes. It is geared towards alleviating some of the challenges posed by Covid-19 such as increased level of physical inactivity and low level of donations toward charities.  

“Although the lockdown is easing off gradually, the impact of Covid-19 is very much around and might take longer before life becomes normal (normal may never even come again). More people are now having to work from home and with many families being hesitant to allow their children to start attending school physically, it means more people will become less active and stand the risk of going into a sedentary lifestyle. This potentially increases the risk of diseases or health conditions that could have been prevented by being physically active. This is part of the motivation for developing the health Tag Challenge” the Street Tag Team.

A recent report by the Institute of Fundraising on the impact of Covid-19 on the charity sector, revealed that charities are facing £12.4BN shortall for the year. Meaning a lot of charities will be having difficulties embarking on projects or achieving some of the activities they have planned for the year. 

Having an innovative platform where you can raise funds for charities by just achieving your physical activity milestones in a month on Street Tag App. is so cool. I find this really helpful as I am motivated to cultivate a healthy lifestyle”- Health Tag Challenge participant.

The Challenge will run monthly with participants committing a token (minimum £5) to achieve their monthly physical activity milestone. Participants that complete the challenge, automatically get their money back plus a share of the ‘commit’ of those who did not complete the challenge. Monies won can be donated to charities that the participants choose. Some of the donations are eligible for match funding from Street Tag’s Corporate partner- Barking and Dagenham Giving.

A pilot was conducted in the month of May and the first challenge was successfully completed in June, 3,410 miles and 2,508,312 steps were completed by participants in May while 14,330 miles and 7,874,638 were accomplished in the June challenge.

“Really motivates me to get walking everyday” – One of the participants

“I enjoy the Health Tag Challenge, as it motivates me and helps me to do more. I went for a walk this evening even in the rain. I continued as I wanted to get my poly tags and tags- as many as I could get, while I got drenched.”- another participant.

“I have never been this motivated to get more active, I guess it is because I have committed a token” – another participant.

“We are gradually seeing the potential of how participants are trading their sweat to raise funds for charities. We believe as more people participate, the higher the chances of raising more funds for charities. New challenges are commencing at the start of each month, and there is still opportunity for charities to join and for individuals to participate and nominate a charity of their choice.”- Seun Oshinaike (Founder, Street Tag)

Calling on corporate organisations to partner and participate in the Health Tag Challenge to get their employees moving, happy, healthy and engaged. Research has shown that there is a link between happy employees and productivity. A Forbes article revealed that happy employees are up to 20% more productive than unhappy employees.

Seun Oshinaike

CEO & Founder Street Tag
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