Street Tag launch new partnership with Royal Borough of Greenwich

Sport Tech Hub member Street Tag have launched a new partnership with the borough of Greenwich.

Residents of Greenwich now have access to the Street Tag mobile app, used to incentivize residents to engage in physical activity across the borough.

Players can collect points by converting steps into Street Tag points, as well as scanning virtual tags around the borough, or joining fitness classes to earn points. The app is built to be entertaining and highly competitive, with the opportunity to engage in school and community leader boards.

The gamification of physical activity and exercise is helping to build a positive affinity with exercise, making it a fun experience for children to compete against their local friends, neighbours and classmates.

Less Active Londoners

Street Tag are working with Greenwich council to target communities of the borough who are less physically active  to spend more time outdoors taking part in physical activity and driving community engagement.

Less active Londoners are those doing less than 150 minutes of physical activity per week, or in most extreme examples, less then 30 mins. This level of physical inactivity is estimated to cost the NHS alone more than £1bn per year, and a wider cost to society around £7.4 billion.

According to Sport England, only 36.68% of children and young people are active everyday in Greenwich (60 mins or more on average everyday). This is below the average rate for children across London.

Therefore, partnerships between local councils and tech start-ups have never been more important. It is amazing to see the use of sports tech in local communities, facilitated through partnerships like Street Tag and Royal Greenwich. This type of collaboration can create a long-term impact on the health and wellbeing of young Londoners.

Seun Oshinaike Founder – Street Tag, said: 

“We are excited to be forging partnerships that help families and communities get physically active in a fun, sustainable, and accessible way.” 

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Aimee Palmer

Community Officer
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