Street Tag: Providing purpose and bringing communities outdoors

Sport Tech Hub Innovation programme alumnus, Street Tag have released new data on how their app is improving health and wellbeing in communities across London and beyond.

Street Tag put out a survey to their users to understand how users have benefitted from using the app. Their results came from 219 respondents from boroughs across London and the UK, including Barking and Dagenham, Basildon, Greenwich, Hounslow, Kingston, Newham, Oxford and Windsor among others.

In their results, Street Tag found that 67.3% of users agreed that the app helped them develop a physical activity routine.

Street Tag

London Sport works to increase participation levels of sport and physical activity across many different segments of less active Londoners.

The ‘Inconsistently Involved’ segment can be described as those who have a yo-yo relationship with health and fitness.  According to research by London Sport, this group makes up for 491k Londoners and face many barriers to exercise. Some of the main barriers are that they “don’t know how to become more active” (32%) and “have no facilities around me” (29%).

Research has found that this segmentation needs incentives to actively participate in exercise. Apps such as Street Tag that gamify health and fitness and provides incentives to users helps the ‘inconsistently involved’ build a positive affinity with exercise.

Another prevalent group of London facing barriers to exercise are the ‘Anxious Avoiders.’ This group often have unhealthy behaviours and attitudes, as they feel alone and without support due to personal circumstances. According to London Sport research, barriers to exercise often mean that they “don’t know where to begin” (61%) or they “don’t know how to become more active” (46%.)  ‘Anxious Avoiders’, who account for 335k Londoners, benefit from support and community elements of physical activity, being able to connect with others and feel a sense of community. 

Street Tag are working to bring a sense of community in their partner boroughs. Their survey found that users now felt they “have purpose to go out every day” and felt encouraged to “get outdoors and appreciate nature”. This is a fantastic example of how sports technology can have a significant impact on less active communities, to create long-lasting health and wellbeing habits.

“The positive feedback from the families on Street Tag gives us a strong foundation for the areas we need to further improve on. It is rewarding for us and our local authority partners to know that Street Tag is providing a sense of purpose to residents to walk, run and cycle more. The app is being used by thousands of families for their daily active travels, we will be encouraging more of this.”

Seun Oshinaike, Founder, Street Tag

See our case study to find out more about the impact Street Tag are having across London.

To find out more about Street Tag, or any of the start-ups on our SME database, get in touch with the Sport Tech Hub team here. 

Aimee Palmer

Community Officer
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