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Sport Tech Hub’s start-up and SME database is an open, inclusive list of sport, physical activity, fitness, health and wellness tech products from around the world.

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The innovation network has been put in place to help organisations find tech products that
can help people become more active.

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Resources to help you

Outside of helping your organisation get more people active through tech products in our network, below are resources that provide further guidance on the use of digital products.

The Child Protection in Sport Unit is a partnership between the NSPCCSport EnglandSport Northern Ireland and Sport Wales.

This article in particular looks at online safety and potential risks and steps to address them.

Catalyst is a charitable initiative to increase the resilience and responsiveness of UK civil society, through digital, design and data.
This article goes through how to risk assess your preferred third party platform for online service delivery.

The Ann Craft Trust a leading UK authority on safeguarding adults and young people at risk.

Here you can find resources to assist you in achieving best practice in safeguarding disabled children and adults at risk.