For the last few years, SportTech has been gaining more and more momentum. However, like any emerging industry, the sector initially lacked clarity. Enter SportsTechX; the organisation responsible for catalysing and providing data on the global sport tech landscape.

In 2019 SportsTechX released its first report on the European SportTech industry. The report crowned London as the SportTech capital of Europe, with nearly €100m invested in the startup ecosystem and the capital containing circa 16% of the startups within the European ecosystem.

With all the data pointing to London being the European epicentre for Sport Tech, Sport Tech Hub approached SportsTechX to co-create the first city-focused report – London. The report followed a similar approach to previous iterations looking at all aspects of Sport Tech, with one small change – a greater focus on physical activity.

SportsTechX and Sport Tech Hub partnered to leverage each other’s networks to create a powerful report that would truly be able to represent London’s Sport Tech landscape.

Following a co-led approach gathering data on the top sport tech startups across the capital, the report was published in April 2019. The report homed in on twenty startups that have the potential to get people more active a quarter of which were Sport Tech Hub alumni.

Since being published the report has been downloaded 800+ times and been read by leaders in the Sport Tech world including innovation programmes, corporates, government officials across Europe and leading sport organisations. 

SportsTechX and Sport Tech Hub are planning on launching an updated version of the London report later this year. 

Click here to check out the London report and more of SportsTechX’s great work.

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