SportsTech Startups to Aid The Roadmap Out of Lockdown

We have highlighted five exciting SportsTech startups within our community that aim to make managing and finding facilities and sessions easier out of lockdown. 

As COVID restrictions continue to lift and people’s confidence increase, more in-person and group sessions will be taking place and more people are likely to engage.

Therefore, providers and organisers of physical activity that maximise tech products on the market are likely to make it easier and simpler for users to take part, consequently increasing engagement from existing and new customers.

To explore a greater range of products, visit our Start-up and SME Database to discover other SportsTech startups and scaleups aiming to increase and improve physical activity opportunities.

Jogging Buddy

Image from Jogging Buddy

About them

Jogging Buddy allows users to find other people to exercise within their local area or abroad. 

Users can log their performance and contribute to ‘The Challenge’ to help reach 1 million miles ran!

What we like about them

Users can also track their performance in comparison to other users around the world in over 100 countries to add competition into their activity.

Learn more about Jogging Buddy here.

Football Matcher

Image from Football Matcher

About them

Football Matcher enables users to connect, organise and play football by making matches easy. The app enables users to be matched with others who can play at the same time and location.

What we like about them

Football Matcher has taken a range of precautions to increase safety around COVID from helping organisers and facilities to going cashless and doing automatic track and trace.

Learn more about Football Matcher here.


Image from Playfinder

About them

Playfinder is an online marketplace that connects amateur sports players to thousands of facilities across the UK.

Find and book your local sports facility on the go through their app or website.

What we like about them

Playfinder’s app allow users to search for 19 different sports by location including London, Brighton, Dublin & Manchester.

Learn more about Playfinder here.


Image from MyCustomerLense

About them

MyCustomerLens is the real-time customer listening platform for sport & fitness organisations.

Organisations can utilise actionable insights to make informed decisions related to their customer’s experiences.

What we like about them

MyCustomerLens allows organisations to listen anywhere, receive instant feedback and benchmark their performance over time and against competitors.

Learn more about MyCustomerLens here.


Image from Spond

About them

Spond is a team app and club management system used by 1 million users every month.

The product gives sports teams and clubs the tools needed to deliver activity in the most efficient way.

What we like about them

Spond allows users to share information such as files, invite members to practices and send private messages. Spond also makes it easy to communicate between team leaders, coaches, members and guardians all on one platform.

Learn more about Spond here.

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