Sports and Fitness Tech Trends for 2022: Part Two

What tech trends in 2022 will be key to supporting people to be active? The team at Sport Tech Hub are seeing many opportunities in the sport and fitness tech space, in which many of the ventures within our Sport Tech Hub Community are excelling in.
In part two of our Sports and Fitness Tech Trends for 2022 series, Milly Pelmore explores 'Artificial Intelligence in your home' 'Competition or Collaboration?' and the 'Sustainability agenda.'
Artificial Intelligence in your home

Artificial intelligence (AI) isn’t new to professional sport, but we’re seeing a rise in applications beyond a professional context. The sport and fitness industry is going through a major transformation as AI is bringing innovations in fitness product offerings.

Sport Tech Hub alumnus TeamSportz are on a mission to help grassroot sports teams, coaches and players measure performance with their AI driven tracking app. Other AI platforms, like Homeground, help cricket players & coaches improve game technique and performance with data driven analytics via their smartphone app.

Atlas AI, currently taking part in the Sport Tech Hub Accelerator programme, are bringing AI into home workouts, providing real time performance tracking – all you need is your phone and a workout video. There is huge potential at the intersection of human and AI, and we will continue to see how AI can complement human coaching in sport and fitness.

Atlas AI tracks movements and progress during online workouts, allowing users to understand and improve their technique

Competition or collaboration?

The growth of the sports tech market has led it to becoming an increasingly competitive space.

In some areas, it’s accepted (rightly or wrongly so) that there may only be one app (or product/service) to rule them all. Elsewhere, we’re starting to see tech companies have a more symbiotic relationship.

Looking at Strava, whose primary audience are exercising and tracking activity outdoors, they built a relationship with Zwift, whose users cycle indoors and can upload to both platforms. In 2021 Strava introduced its Local Legend status to users who ride on virtual Zwift roads, no longer limiting Strava Local Legend rewards to outside riders!

We’ve also seen similar collaboration within the Sport Tech Hub community, with Racefully directly integrating TrainAsONE into their app, allowing TrainAsONE users to track their runs, and exposing Racefully users to the AI training plans built by TrainAsOne.

With the global fitness app market on the rise, will we see more and more sports tech ventures looking at how they can support and integrate with one another? 

Sustainability is on the agenda

It’s no secret that the world is facing a climate crisis, and consumers are becoming more conscious of how their daily choices impact the planet.

A 2021  global sustainability survey reported that 50 percent of consumers rank sustainability as a top five value driver when considering products and services. We have seen a rise in start-ups in the sports technology industry who are encouraging eco-friendly habits through exercise and physical activity.

‘Active travel’ not only supports a healthy lifestyle, but also reduces carbon footprint. Start-ups like HumanForest are finding new ways to keep people active whilst reducing their impact on the environment.

Lupa, a mindful running app, have created a monthly environmental running group. Once a month Lupa bring their community of runners together to clean up the shorelines from litter while doing a 5k run.

Many running event organisers have partnered with Trees Not Tees, to encourage runners to plant a tree in favour of the usual finisher’s shirt.

Going forward, sports tech companies must put climate action high on the business agenda, to remain competitive and relative to their target audience.

To find out more about any of the start-ups in our community, get in touch with the Sport Tech Hub team here

Milly Pelmore

Accelerator and Operations Manager
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