SportsTech startup Just Football joins Sport Tech Hub

Sport Tech Hub has onboarded SportsTech startup Just Football, with support commencing on July 7th.

Just Football becomes the latest venture to join the Sport Tech Hub and the 4th startup to be accelerated since November 2021 through our new and bespoke sportstech accelerator programme.

Photo of Just Football App
Photo of Just Football App
Preview of Just Football's Digital Camp
Preview of Just Football's Digital Camp

About Just Football

Just Football is inspiring an entire generation of digital natives to move more and become physically active by connecting their football skills to a mobile game.

The app connects users’ football skills to a digital game. Bringing the physical and digital worlds together through gamification.

Since its launch in 2017, Just Football have grown to over 300,000 users, with many describing the game as Pokemon Go for football or FIFA in real life.

The company has already delivered successful partnerships with 25 partners, including the likes of the Cruyff Foundation, Hannover 96, Valencia FC and Unisport.

These partnerships were activated by bringing the physical and digital worlds together through gamification, providing users a selection of over 100 different football challenges to play with friends or alone, at home or at a pitch.

Content created and led by Just Football ambassadors, ranging from professional players and coaches to freestyle world champions.

Acceleration in London and beyond

During the programme, with support by London Sport, the Just Football and Sport Tech Hub teams, will look to grow the usage of the product via partnerships with grassroots clubs and organisations, foundations, and community and youth organisations.

With a focus on increasing the product’s reach and engagement with less active children and young people and in particular girls, by using learnings across the latest data from Active Lives for Children and Young People, delivery of programmes such as Satellite Clubs, the roll out of This Girl Can in Croydon and the recently completed research around engaging women and girls in East London.

This will support the iteration and tweaking of Just Football’s proposition so it is increasingly more appealing to young people with lower levels of participation.

Giving all young Londoners the best opportunity to form a positive physical activity habit for life

One of London Sport’s key aspirations is to give young people, directly or via their support mechanism, an opportunity to build a positive affinity with physical activity. 

Recent data from 2019/20, shows that 41.9% of children and young people (CYP) in London were active (completing an average of 60 mins or more of activity every day).

However, this was a decrease of 4.2% compared to 2018/19.

Reasons for not being active fall into two main groups: lack of access to their usual space or place and concerns about the virus.

Further more, data from the same period shows that 44.4% of boys in London were active (completing an average of 60 mins or more of activity every day) compared to 38.5% of girls.

This is perhaps unsurprising given boys are highly likely to take part in organised activities such as teams sports, which were not allowed to run during the majority of the year due to COVID-19.

Data and the role of digital

The same data set that showed risks in participation amongst young people, also showed that digital played a positive part, with fitness activities seeing a large increase among teenage girls and therefore supporting an increase in activity by this group.

For some children and young people, the past year has allowed them to do things differently and they have really enjoyed this. During lockdown, girls were more likely than boys to say they enjoyed being active more than usual (16% vs 10%).

Our acceleration of Just Football as per the data suggests, plays into the opportunities created by COVID-19, with a potential shift away from organised sports towards non-competitive, the rise of informal activity and ability to be active in familiar surroundings eradicating the fear of judgement.

Nevertheless, COVID-19 has also created or is exacerbating a digital divide, which is why we will use best practice from local stakeholders to ensure that as many young people in London can benefit from Just Football as a product.

The Team at Just Football

Directly engaging on the programme will be Kasper Ljungstrøm Skov, Co-founder & CEO & Simon McGeough, Head of Marketing and Partnerships.

Kasper, Simon and the rest of the Just Football team are a passionate team with a shared vision to create innovative mobile games that get people moving. The team is spread across 6 countries and has experience from Apple, PreyStudios, GamingCorps, TBWA, amongst others.

Kasper & Simon saidWe are really excited to join the program and for the opportunity to learn and work with the experienced London Sport team. Looking forward to meeting the advisors, other startups, and collaborating on strategies that can take Just Football to the next level with the focus on growing our users and partners.”

Alex Zurita, Head of Sport Tech Hub said “London Sport’s vision is to make London the most physically active city in the world, with a key part of that vision being the use, harnessing and growth of tech products. Just Football track record showcases our ambition to support the most promising startups, regardless of location, for the greater benefit of Londoners and people across the country.”

Photo of Kasper Ljungstrøm Skov from Just Football
Photo of Kasper Ljungstrøm Skov from Just Football
Photo of Simon McGeough from Just Football
Simon McGeough from Just Football

Alex Zurita

Head of Sport Tech Hub
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