Sport Tech Hub’s Innovation Programme Welcomes Two New Members

To kick off our new approach to our innovation programme, Sport Tech Hub has onboarded two new startups, Zimizam and FootballMatcher. 

Although very different products, both have the ability to disrupt the physical activity sector and overcome barriers to support people to live more active lives.

We’re thrilled to have these products onboard and you can find out more about them below.


Zimizam is an ed-tech app for learners with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) incorporating positivity, mindfulness and exploratory learning through reward-based learning. 

The app creates engaging experiences for learners with an emphasis on outdoor exploratory activities and incorporating positivity and deep breathing. 

In each of the games there is a start, middle and end, which is key to keep learners with ASD engaged and rewarded. The app has been developed for learners with ASD between 6-10 years of age and has scope to reach beyond those age groups with the right content and illustrative design.

During the programme we look forward to working with Zimizam to provide additional feedback on their product from specialists in the sector. The hope is to strengthen the Zimizam activity catalogue through testing and iterative feedback during the next 12 weeks.


FootballMatcher takes a new approach on organising sport. Using the power of data, they can support venues to re-open during and post COVID and enable future growth by matching supply with demand. 

By connecting  players through their preferred communication means (rather than downloading an app) they aim to be part of the solution to the inactivity crisis facing adults by encouraging more people into football via diverse playing opportunities based on skill level, location, gender, which fit conveniently into existing player schedules. 

With facilities under increasing pressure to open (safely and securely), FootballMatcher has embedded track and trace into their work and created software to support sports venues to digitise their booking systems in this challenging time.

During the programme we look forward to supporting them on their marketing and brand positioning, with the hope to utilise their technology to help facilities in London open up safely and securely throughout COVID and beyond.

Patrick Colbeck

Innovation Manager
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