Sport Tech Hub and Gympass join forces to tackle inactivity

The impact that technology has had on our lives is undeniable. In the last few years, it’s drastically transformed everyday activities into user-friendly experiences.

From how we communicate, to how we bank and even travel, technology has played a pivotal role in the evolution of these industries, and now, we’re seeing this same transformation in the physical activity sector. Two organisations at the forefront of this are Gympass and Sport Tech Hub.  

Accelerated by the pandemic, we’ve seen a shift in how people are participating in physical activity. With gyms closed and lockdowns in play, millions across the world have been forced to explore new ways to exercise.

This is perfectly highlighted by data from Google trends that showcases a huge search increase for terms such as “home workouts” and “online exercise”. This is further supported by anecdotal feedback from London Sport who has seen a dramatic rise in activity providers looking to move their classes online.


However, this consumer shift is nothing new. In fact, last year research from ukactive indicated that:

  •       73% of people feel technology is important for the physical activity sector.
  •       79% of people who use technology agree or strongly agree that they have positive physical activity experiences when using technology.
  •       Among users who employ technology to support their health and wellbeing, 82% perceive technology to be important to them getting active.
  •       Of those who don’t use technology to support their health and wellbeing, 76% perceived technology to be important within the physical activity sector.

Armed with this knowledge, both Sport Tech Hub and Gympass simultaneously began to adapt, fast-track and generate new digital wellness offers.

The Active At Home Database

Designed to empower technology ventures and traditional partners in the physical activity space (National Governing Bodies, community trusts, sport foundations, local authorities, charities and non-for profits), Sport Tech Hub’s “Active at Home” database features 100 + ventures that organisations can easily sort and filter through to find initiatives that can support their audience.

Gympass Wellness platform

Gympass Wellness is a digital platform offering a variety of services and products, from online workouts such as running, spinning, yoga, HIIT, and many more to tailored nutritional plans and even meditation. Our partner network is also growing every day to offer you as much variety as possible.

The collaboration

Under one common mission – to defeat inactivity – Sport Tech Hub and Gympass joined forces to exchange knowledge and provide each other with viable businesses for each other’s platforms. The partnership allowed select ventures to gain access to Gympass’s mass consumer market and Sport Tech Hub’s access to public sector organisations. So far, nine ventures have gained the benefit by being on both platforms with more to follow shortly.  In a time where support for SME’s has never been so pressing, the collaboration showcases an important step towards advancing innovation in physical activity. 

Patrick Colbeck

Innovation Manager
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