#RUNSOME: Join the active travel mission

#RUNSOME: Join the active travel mission

Coronavirus has changed the way we live and move in cities. We now have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to transform how we travel. Now is the perfect time for active travel to drive the pace of change.

There’s a wider consensus than ever that we need alternatives to traditional travel and the data suggests the answer could be at our feet. 

The latest figures from the Department of Transport’s National Travel Survey show that, in England alone, we make an average of 986 trips per year, 61% of them by car. 

With the majority of car journeys being short – 68% are five miles or less and 24% are under a mile. Swapping four wheels for two feet, then, is feasible for many of these shorter everyday trips. And doing so could have a big impact on the planet, and public and personal health.

‘Right now, any journey that reduces stress on the public-transport system, and that isn’t by car, is really important,’ says Scott Cain, Sport Tech Hub Cohort 2 member and Founder and CEO of Active Things, which works to build the infrastructure needed to make it easier to cycle, run and walk in cities. 

Cain ellaborates, ‘it’s a first-order priority for governments, the World Health Organization and the C40 – the collection of biggest cities in the world.’

Lockdown conditions compelled more of us to exercise in those temporarily traffic-free streets, and running was a big winner. 

According to Sport England, one in five of us ran regularly during lockdown and a recent survey by Decathlon found that 52 per cent of British adults intend to stick to their new exercise habits post-lockdown. 

For Cain, this army of newly motivated runners could be a catalyst for meaningful change. ‘If we can engage that 20 per cent of the population who ran during lockdown and show them the possibility of running for everyday journeys, at a societal level the impact could be really significant,’ he says.

With all this information at hand, London Sport Award 2020 finalists Active Things have joined forces with Runner’s World to launch #RunSome.

#Runsome is a new campaign to inspire more of us to run some everyday journeys. Think to the shops, to see friends, errands and commutes. No need to be far or fast. 

More vital than ever as we adapt to a world changed by COVID-19 – not least finding alternatives to short car journeys and helping keep buses, trains and tubes free for those who really need them. As the campaign says, why not #RunSome instead?

That means it’s perfect for any local providers delivering Couch to 5k, including those who joined London Sport’s recent C25K support webinars.

Join and support #RunSome

Whether you are a Local Authority, leisure provider, fitness brand, run club or local organisation, the Runner's World and Active Things team are keen for partners as well as individuals to join the campaign - which is focused at the 1 in 5 of us who ran regularly during lockdown, as well as many more who might be able to 'run some, walk some' on their way back to being active.
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Scott Cain

Founder and CEO, Active Things
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