The best running apps to keep you motivated

This past weekend saw tens of  thousands of runners complete the London Marathon.

Taking part in a marathon is an incredible achievement.  Sticking to a training schedule for months on end, logging up the miles each week, for many first-timers, it’s an achievement of a lifetime. We hope the London Marathon inspires Londoners across the city to get their running shoes on and boost their physical activity.

Technology has the power to help make running a more enjoyable experience, and help build consistent exercise habits across London. We have a strong community of fitness and sports tech start-ups here at Sport Tech Hub, and we’re proud to work with some of the most innovative running apps in the industry. 

To inspire, assist and guide you on your running journey, here are six of the best running apps in 2021.


Lupa is your running partner, built to run with you and mindfully guide you to your goals, whatever they may be. Combining smart technology with mindfulness and human like coaching, Lupa is all you need to get started, go faster, run for longer or simply get some headspace.



TrainAsONE is the revolutionary multi-award-winning AI-powered running app that constantly adjusts your training plan according to you, your data and your goals.

Whatever your running experience, TrainAsONE creates a custom running plan based precisely on you and your ability. Whatever the distance and target, be it completing couch to 5k or podiuming an extreme ultra marathon, TrainAsONE will work for you!


Jogging Buddy is a community platform which allows people to find a Walking, jogging or running partner where they live, where they work and when they travel! Now in its 12th year, JoggingBuddy has members in 128 countries!


To find a buddy near you, just type in your postcode on

Running World Cup

The Vitality Running World Cup gives everyone – no matter their ability – a chance to Run for their Country and be a part of the world’s largest mass participation event.    

Taking place from 21 September to 10 October, every participant who runs 3km in under 30 minutes, will be able to earn points for their country. 


Participation is free by registering at or downloading the VRWC app


Byrd is on a mission to keep you running. Understanding that everyday life is complex, complicated and ever shifting Byrd builds your coaching to be as unique as you are as an individual.


Byrd will be launching later this autumn, their waitlist is open now at


Racefully helps employers bring their employees together in self-sustaining exercise communities, providing challenges, shareable moments and motivation wherever they are in the world.


To explore a greater range of products, visit our start-up and SME database to discover other products aiming to increase and improve physical activity opportunities.

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