Programme FAQs

Q: Who are London Sport?

A: Sport Tech Hub is backed by London Sport – its vision for London to be the most active city in the world involves working with everyone who delivers opportunities directly to Londoners. London Sport provides insight, knowledge and expertise to anyone in London working in physical activity and sport. More info here.

Q: What is the cost of joining the incubator programme?

A: The price is £140+VAT, on a 6 month basis, for the incubation programme which runs for 24 weeks. For more information on only taking desk space in our hub, see the membership page.

Q: Do you provide investment in return for equity in my business?

A: No, we neither provide investment nor do we take equity. We ask for a monthly payment to be part of our programme and ecosystem.

Q: Do you provide public funding?

A: No, we do not provide public funding. As part of our close association with London Sport, we do have a wealth of public funding expertise that is accessible to you if you are on the programme in order to support any public funding applications you make.

Q: How would I be able to access mentors?

A: If you are accepted onto the programme, we will match you up, with your input, to a selection of mentors pre-programme at our mentor matching day based on your current skills gap in the business and needs. These mentors will be part of your journey on the incubator throughout the six month programme.

Q: When can I expect the programme to be delivered?

A: Every Wednesday from the programme start date from 9.00am – 5.00pm.

Q: What should I expect from the programme – what will it actually deliver for me?

A: The programme is has been designed to support growth of your business. There are key modules and benefits to being on the incubator programme that can be found here.

Q: What is your selection criteria?

A: We are here to support early stage start-ups, who have an MVP. Your product / business might be aligned to some of the challenges facing the physical activity and sport sector, but this is not a necessity. We welcome applications from any tech start-up that is dedicated to supporting happier, healthier and more active populations. For more information on who are looking for, see here.

Q: I have an idea to address the inactivity challenge, but no team or MVP, can the Sport Tech Hub still support me?

A: Yes. We will be launching a digital challenge soon to support and stimulate innovation in our sector, with key collaborators. This will be for those with just an idea who are looking to make a difference. More information on these will be published soon.

Q: What are the application deadlines for the incubation programme?

A: The application window ends on 3 July. You can apply here and key dates can be found on this page.

Q: Which companies have graduated from the previous Sport Tech Hub cohort?

A: More info on our alumni companies and their experiences can be found here. A full alumni list is featured at the base of our homepage..