Meet the Team: Jennie – Business Development and Partnerships Manager

Welcome to our "Meet the Team" series - where we sit down with the people behind Sport Tech Hub. This week is Jennie Rivett - Business Development and Partnerships Manager

So Jennie, tell us about yourself?

I have worked in the sports sector for over 15 years now after graduating from Loughborough University where I studied sports science.

I started my career in sports development, where I learnt the true meaning of grassroot sport and what actually makes sport happen for the masses. Here I also learnt about living and working in London, and the challenges and opportunities Londoners have to engage in physical activity in this unique environment. 

From there I experienced life in a sports agency, before working for Women in Sport, where I led on partnerships with clients such as The FA and British Cycling and specialised in turning research and insight into action.

I have been at London Sport now for four and a half years, when our commercial function was started. I lead on our consultancy services and focus on activating our commercial partnerships. It’s been quite a journey so far and I look forward to seeing how the sector recovers post pandemic. 

Can you tell us about your journey with Sport Tech Hub?

I was one of three members of staff at London Sport who started the Sport Tech Hub three and a half years ago, so at that time did a bit of everything. It was also my first experience of working in the tech space, so I had to go on a personal learning journey at the same time!

Since launch, my main role is to activate the commercial partners we have on board to support the growth and development of the Sport Tech Hub. I will ensure our partners are benefitting from working with our ventures and wider community, and crucially that start-ups going through our accelerator programme are supported by their expertise, which could be anything from legal to fundraising or IP.

We have had the privilege of working with some amazing partners supporting our work so far including PwC, Loughborough University London, Fieldfisher and London and Partners. We are always interested to chat to new partners too who share our vision in this space!

I also support the wider Sport Tech Hub team as we continue to expand the community and raise the profile of the hub and sport tech more widely across our sector.

Why Sport Tech Hub?

I believe that innovation is key to disrupting the sports sector to make long term change; sport tech is perfectly placed to do this.

I have witnessed members of our Sport Tech Hub community transform the way some of our traditional partners, like local authorities, deliver sport and physical activity to their residents in such a different way, that it is so refreshing!

The Sport Tech Hub not only provides a place for ventures to learn and grow their products, but it also provides a platform to crucially test their products with real Londoners and adapt accordingly. We are the only hub that has experts in London specific sport and physical activity and a huge network to talk to and share new ideas with. Alongside the additional expertise our partners bring to the table.

Having worked in the sports sector for a long time now, I am encouraged by the progress made by sports tech and can see huge potential to increase participation levels in Londoners with more providers adopting technological solutions

What’s your favourite sports/physical activity to do?

I love spending time in the great outdoors and one of my favourite things to do is hiking, whether that be in the Lake District Fells, which have my heart, or hiking different terrains across the world. I’ve trekked the Annapurna Range in Nepal, hiked the Inca Trail in Peru and climbed the Gros Piton in St Lucia, to name a few.

I am a keen runner and have taken part in my fair share of organised runs – once a half marathon, but 10k is the limit now! I also swim regularly and plan to take part in the Swimathon Challenge next month.

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