Lisa Wainwright MBE, CEO of Sport and Recreation Alliance discusses role of sport in combatting issues around obesity & loneliness

Speaking on Talking Sport & Tech, the new podcast from Sport Tech Hub by London Sport, Sport and Recreation Alliance CEO, Lisa Wainwright MBE, discusses the need for embedding healthy habits into people at an early age, in order to create real change around combatting obesity and mental health issues.

“Let’s get the habits early. Let’s get the family habits early, so we’re not spending billions of pounds years later in the NHS where we’re facing huge problems around obesity and loneliness and ploughing money into charities to try and resolve that”.

Lisa expressed the value of focusing on sport and physical activity as a means for prevention, saying “for me, one of the key things is around prevention being the absolute backstop, rather than the cure”.

The power of sports communities

Lisa spoke to podcasts hosts Alex Zurita and Milly Pelmore about the power of sports communities in not only benefitting physical health, but also it’s power in supporting mental wellbeing by combatting loneliness.

“We’ve all witnessed it through Covid, the loneliness that many, many people have gone through.

Sport creates that community and that space for people to go to if they haven’t got family, to have new family”

Listeners of Lisa’s episode of Talking Sport & Tech also got a glimpse into Lisa’s leadership style. Alex and Milly chat to Lisa about her and her mission to create space for innovation and risk taking in the sector, by eradicating the fear of failure.

Speaking on her role in leading the sector to move differently, to create real change, Lisa says:

“If you are a leader, and you have a vision, that will necessitate change. And some people are comfortable with change, some people are just not comfortable with change. And it’s all about motivations and understanding people’

You can listen to Lisa’s episode of Talking Sport & Tech on Acast, Amazon Music, Apple and Spotify now.

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