Key moments from Talking Sport & Tech podcast by Milly Pelmore, Accelerator and Operations Manager at Sport Tech Hub

Following on from last week’s blog where Alex Zurita shared his key learnings, this week Milly Pelmore, Accelerator and Operations Manager at Sport Tech Hub by London Sport reflects on three moments that stood out from the Talking Sport & Tech podcast series.

Episode 2: Community is key

The second episode of the series featured Born Barikor, CEO and Founder of Our Parks. Born spoke about the importance community and co-creation with the audience you are trying to serve, referring to the fact that often inactive communities will not react to or change behaviours from a ‘one-size fits all’ approach.

Born’s key quotes: “If you build a community based on values, you build a community that super exceeds it and they become evangelists. And wherever they go, they continue to talk about your product, your service because they value it so much”. 

“People don’t connect with logos, people connect with real people”.

Milly says: The value of community was a common theme throughout our conversation with Born. He first learned the meaning of a community growing up playing sport in his council estate, then going on to leading a community-driven business with Our Parks.

It’s inspiring to see Born’s community-first mentality, which has led Our Parks to the incredible success it’s reached today.

Episode 3: Lisa’s leadership philosophies

Episode three of Talking Sport & Tech gave listeners a glimpse into Lisa Wainwright’s leadership style. Alex and Milly spoke to Lisa about her and her mission to create space for innovation and risk taking in the sector and looking externally in order to keep learning and improving.

Lisa’s key quote: “I think we should always be looking outside the sector. You know, we live in the world. So we should be looking at what’s happening in the world.

I would hope that leaders in our sector are always doing that. Always thinking that how do we bring across from one sector to another sector that should be fundamental, because we can all we can always learn”.

Milly says: I love Lisa’s belief that it’s critical to look outside the sport and physical activity sector to keep learning and improving. When looking at other sectors and how they’ve engaged audiences through digital platforms, there’s a lot the sport and physical activity sector can take example from.

Episode 4: Being ok with being the ‘worst person’ in the room

The fourth episode of Talking Sport & Tech featured Baz Moffat, Co-Founder of The Well HQ, an expert women’s health and performance collective with a vision to change how we educate, engage, and train women in sport, health and life.

As a former Team GB rower, Baz discussed her mission to revolutionise the sport and physical activity sector to support women to unlock their true potential. Baz also shared her learnings in surrounding yourself with a team with diverse knowledge, skills and experience than you, all the while sharing the same vision.

Baz’s key quote: “I have always been really comfortable being the worst person in the room. Always. And I think I was the worst person in every single boat that I was in.

I’m really comfortable being around people who are brilliant, I’m like, Well, I’m gonna learn from them. And I’m gonna use that to springboard to the next level. And I’ll just be the worst person at the next level. And I think everything I’ve done, I’ve had that approach”

Milly says: There was a lot to learn from Baz’s episode. One thing that stood out to me was her motivation in surrounding herself with great people.

There’s huge value in knowing your strengths but also knowing where you can learn from others and build a supportive network around you in order to grow and “springboard to the next level”.

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