Just Football x Borussia Dortmund – a partnership leading by example

Just Football, one of our newest members here at Sport Tech Hub have announced a strategic partnership with Borussia Dortmund, to launch a Football Challenge campaign in Vietnam.

Just Football connects users’ football skills to a digital game. Bringing the physical and digital worlds together through gamification. 
Just Football & Borussia Dortmund Football Challenge campaign in Vietnam.

The partnership is giving young people a chance to learn football skills from Borussia Dortmund professional players, in the hopes of inspiring this younger generation to play football and embrace physical activity.  

We here at Sport Tech Hub are delighted to see this forward-thinking partnership. They are using tech to inspire young people to get physically active, develop their football skills and feel closer to the athletes they aspire to. 

Above all, this is a great example of two sports organisations coming together with #TechforGood. The use of technology to empower young children, supported by large stakeholders such as Borussia Dortmund with their global brand awareness, is an inspiring collaboration. They aim ensure as many young people as possible can have the opportunity to remain active throughout the pandemic. 

Reconnecting to sports through technology.

We hope to see sports clubs in the UK embrace a similar movement. In a time where children may feel disconnected from their clubs and teams, partnering with #sportstech companies like Just Football can make skills development more widely accessible. It can create a sense of belonging and continue to inspire them to be physically active. 

One of London Sport’s key aspirations is to give young people an opportunity to build a positive affinity with physical activity. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the role of digital in physical activity. For some children and young people, the past year has allowed them to do things differently. Recent data from 2019/20 has shown that during lockdown girls were more likely than boys to say they enjoyed being active more than usual (16% vs 10%). Sport Tech Hub start-ups are at the forefront of facilitating this movement.

Simon McGeough, Head of Marketing & Partnerships at Just Football, says: “It’s incredible to enter this partnership with a legendary club such as Borussia Dortmund. We are confident that this will offer a unique opportunity for both sides to engage football players in Vietnam, bringing fans closer to the club whilst getting them active. Additionally, our joint campaign also creates a safe playground for many young fans during the current unpredictable Covid-19 situation in Vietnam. Players can play anywhere, all they need is a ball and our app.”  

Photo of Simon McGeough from Just Football
Simon McGeough from Just Football

For more information on the Just Football x Borussia Dortmund venture check out their website and LinkedIn.

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