Introducing LIMBIC: Exergaming for the Home, School or Gym

Munich-based Sports Tech and Gamification Start-up and Sport Tech Hub community member “Fun with Balls” has launched its physical gaming console “LIMBIC” on Kickstarter, seeking €225,000 in funding.

With a future retail price at €1,095, first campaign backers can save up to 40% for the hardware and receive a completely free lifetime content subscription, normally prices at €29.90 monthly.

The innovative “LIMBIC” console features a variety of ball games, fitness classes in different genres, and lots of entertainment games to develop physical and cognitive skills. 

The device comes with more than 30 exergaming and fitness applications for the whole family allowing an immersive mixed-reality experience. 

From flying through the Grand Canyon, throwing balls to hit monsters, or exercising with a virtual personal trainer, this new type of mixed-reality exergaming console takes home fitness to the next level.

Fun With Balls, announced as one of the start-ups to look out for in 2021, is doubling down on their expertise and one of the emerging trends for this year by launching Limbic.  

CEO and Founder Markos Kern, explains, “we’ve been planning this product for years and originally had a much longer timeline for the launch. 

But then, we released our first teaser video caused massive buzz on social media, so we decided to speed thing up and go live. It demonstrates that interactive home fitness solutions catch the spirit of the time, especially in 2020. 

No doubt, digital and connected sports is becoming mainstream. However, most products focus on sports-loving target groups only. 

With “LIMBIC” we want to offer a new symbiosis of sports and gaming that motivates the whole family and especially people that normally do not work out.”

Family Playing Idol Rush Ball Games on Limbic

Simplicity and Ease of Use

The new home training system works with Fun With Ball’s already existing marketplace of physical gaming apps, enabling anybody to develop applications using the Unity and Godot game engines.

To install the system at home the hardware simply needs to be attached to a wall and connected to a projector via HDMI. 

The console’s sensors track the wall and the room in real-time to deliver a completely new physical gaming experience. 

Cutting-edge motion tracking technology allows instant movement feedback and opens up new possibilities of human-computer interaction. 

For the past four years the German hardware/SAAS start-up has transformed sports facilities around the world into sophisticated mixed reality spaces. 

After starting in niche sports, the company expanded rapidly into multiple industries with their B2B platform product MultiBall. With many months of R&D and the creation of an own line of sensors, the Sports Tech Start-up is now able to take the proven operating system including all games into consumers’ living rooms. 

The company’s institutional investors include Asics Venture Fund, The Professional Squash Association as well as VC funds from Germany and Israel. 

However, to launch its first B2C product the start-up decided to rely on the crowd: “It’s important to us to include the community on some of the remaining design and UX decisions to make this device your perfect motivator for an active lifestyle”, says Kern.

More on Limbic

Check out “LIMBIC” on Kickstarter and via

Alternatively, connect with Fun With Ball’s CEO, Markos, on LinkedIn.

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