The Inactivity Challenge

The Inactivity Challenge

Sport Tech Hub is backed by London Sport to achieve one, simple vision: to make London the most physically active city in the world.

Today, 62.3% of Londoners are classified as active – taking part in at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity a week, in-line with Chief Medical Officer guidelines. That means almost 40% of Londoners are failing to benefit from the widespread health, wellbeing and social development benefits of physical activity and sport.

Critically, among some groups of Londoners, and across different parts of London, those figures shift dramatically.

We believe that technology and sport, together, have the power to change lives; we believe that the start-ups that come through the doors of Sport Tech Hub can point us towards a brighter future for physical activity.

Helping You Along The Way

If you’re thinking of applying to join Sport Tech Hub, we want to give you the tools to inspire you to bring your creation and innovation to challenging inactivity. Here’s a few starting points.

  • Get The Data Picture – London Sport’s Insight & Data Portal brings together a range of research, insight and analysis around physical activity and sport in the capital | Insight & Data Portal
  • Supporting Deaf and Disabled People to be more active – An Active Inclusive Capital is London Sport’s Strategic Plan of Action for Disability, and sets an ambition to support deaf and disabled people to be as active as non-disabled people in London | An Active Inclusive Capital
  • Understanding the Value of Sport – London Sport’s latest insight, published alongside Sheffield Hallam University Sport Industry Research Centre, seeks to explore the social value of sport in London | Good Investments: Physical Activity, Sport and Social Value in London
  • London, the Home of SportTech – Making London the Heart of the Sport Tech World is London Sport’s Strategic Plan of Action for Technology, and outlines the role of tech, data and innovation in sparking a revolution in physical activity participation | Making London the Heart of the Sport Tech World | Making London the Heart of the Sport Tech World/
  • A Blueprint for London – London Sport’s Blueprint for a Physically Active City takes a top-down view of the current picture of London, and explores the opportunities for physical activity and sport to grow across the nation’s capital | Blueprint for a Physically Active City

Does your product already tackle these challenges? Apply to our Sport Tech Hub incubator.

Are you a scale-up addressing these challenges? Find out more about membership of Sport Tech Hub and establishing yourselves in our ecosystem.