ukactive CEO Huw Edwards is driving digital push in sport & physical activity sector

Reported in the ukactive Digital Futures report, around 30% of gym and leisure operators said they do not have a digital strategy.

Speaking on Sport Tech Hub by London Sport’s new podcast series, Talking Sport & Tech, Huw comments on how sports and fitness technology start-ups can work with the sector, saying that ukactive members and entrepreneurs “will find their home together, as long as we (ukactive) can help facilitate the conversations, environment, and marketplace in which they can thrive”.

Huw mentioned that to get to that point, ukactive must get their members to understand why a digital strategy is so important for them, and “how they can use that as a platform to embrace these digital solutions, for ultimately where their customer is”.

Political will behind sport & physical activity

During the podcast, Huw also says more political will is needed behind the sport and physical activity sector.

“There is overwhelming evidence on the value of sport and physical activity to the economic and social fabric of our society, and how much more it could do, than what it already does right now.

The question is not around evidence, the question is around political will. We’ve seen political movement in 2012, no one believed that those facilities would be built in five years, and they were, do you know why? Because of political will”

Huw spoke to Talking Sport & Tech co-hosts Alex Zurita and Milly Pelmore about his career being a marriage of sport and politics, and his role in pushing the government for support of the sport and physical activity sector.

Huw played an important role in driving the re-opening of gym and leisure facilities post-lockdowns throughout the pandemic, and how he continues to push the government for more action and support to help the nation lead healthier happier lives.

“We’ll just keeping knocking on that door and making sure we’re really putting the biggest possible pressure on, for a sector that deserves a seat at the very top table. 

Because as we all know, we work in this sector because we know how it can change millions of lives”

You can listen to Huw’s episode on Talking Sport & Tech on Acast, Amazon Music, Apple and Spotify now.

Next week’s episode features Born Barikor, CEO and Founder of Our Parks, which provides free group exercise in parks and outdoor spaces, working in partnership with local authorities. 

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