Cutting out the noise of the start-up world and challenges of raising investment as a female founder – Hana Sutch, Co-Founder of Go Jauntly shares her advice – London Tech Week

As London Tech Week 2022 draws to a close, Hana Sutch, CEO and Co-Founder of Go Jauntly, a walking, wayfinding and nature connection app, shares her advice for tech founders building products to help people get more active.

Speaking on our new podcast, Talking Sport & Tech, Hana shares her advice for founders in the tech, stressing the importance of not always listening to the “noise” in the start-up world, whether it is pressure to raise investment or hopping on latest tech trends.

“You need to make sure you’re not afraid to try new things, but you need to bury the things that are bad, even if they have a fancy word like “augmented reality” in it, because that might please the investors, but is it a useful product for people? Is it going to encourage people to get outdoors?”

“If the answer is no to those questions, then just because it’s got a fancy tech word behind it, doesn’t mean that you should move forward with it”

The biggest challenge as a founder

During Hana’s episode of Talking Sport & Tech, released during London Tech Week, Hana shares that the “biggest challenge” she’s faced has been raising investment as a female founder. This is an industry wide issue, with a 2019 report stating that UK venture capital investment levels in female founders are less than 5%.

“Being female, being mixed race, probably wasn’t in my favour” says Hana, when reflecting on a time when she was trying to raise investment.

Go Jauntly, who now rank amongst the likes of Airbnb and Calm on Apples Editor’s Choice Awards, partner with a variety of organisations including Transport for London, Sport England and Greater Manchester Moving, to increase walking for leisure, active travel as well as nature connection.

Hana mentions a highlight of her journey being working with Sport England as they supported and funded getting the Green Routes feature released on Android, with it now being one of the most popular features on the app.

Encouraging active travel through tech

Hana describes the Go Jauntly app saying, “it’s taking physical wellbeing, mental wellbeing and environmental wellbeing, and bringing them all together”.

By encouraging app users to walk, and ditch the car to reduce transport emissions, Go Jauntly are getting behind active travel as a sustainable method of transport, all while enjoying nature filled walks along the way. Go Jauntly’s ambition is to “help everyone find a nature filled walking route within a two-mile radius of their home”.

“If we can make you walk or encourage you to walk for leisure, then you’re more likely to walk for active travel, and there’s just so many benefits to that”.

You can listen to Hana’s episode on Talking Sport & Tech on Acast, Amazon Music, Apple and Spotify now

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