Good Boost launches land based app to support those with MSK conditions

Cohort 3-member Good Boost – a social enterprise that transforms public swimming pools into therapeutic spaces – has adapted their world-leading technology to create a solution that provides rehabilitation for people with MSK conditions from the comfort of their home.

MSK conditions present the primary burden of disease for most countries on the planet, affecting over 18 million people across the UK and accounting for 40% of all sick leave in the UK. Good Boost’s new solution aims to measurably improve health and wellbeing through personalised movement and rehabilitation, powered by technology, in order to create accessible and affordable community services that reduce health inequalities.

With millions of Physiotherapy and joint surgery appointments postponed due to Covid-19, Good Boost have ‘re-trained’ their AI software to create an app that provides individually tailored exercises that anyone can follow from their phone. The app that adapts to the users’ needs and revises the exercises based on feedback, just as a human therapist would.

The app starts with an initial registration, designed to mimic a consultation with a Physiotherapist. From here, it gathers information on movement, overall health, key areas that the user experiences pain. This information is used to calculate the most suitable exercises for based on research evidence and clinical best practice. These exercises are demonstrated on the app using easy-to-follow videos.

After the session the software continues adapting and evolve the exercises to create a personalised experience.

“Good Boost is reducing the need for medication, avoiding surgeries, reducing pain and giving older adults back their independence through their ground-breaking new app -easy to use, inexpensive and a range of programmatic exercises which benefit a broad range of MSK conditions, from arthritis to falls fractures.” Ben Wilkins CEO Good Boost

Find out more about our mission and clinical research here

Patrick Colbeck

Innovation Manager
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