For Women, By Women

To celebrate International Women’s Day we are highlighting some of the amazing work women have done to help other women become more active and enhance their wellbeing.

In connection to this, we will be interviewing five women entrepreneurs and innovators who harness technology to get people more active.

This empowering series will be released daily between 8-12 March which will provide insight into their stories, success and top tips.

We have selected five organisations who aim to empower, connect, encourage and educate women to be the best they can be through improving their mental and physical wellbeing.


wild ai 2

WILD.AI is a training app designed specifically for women that turns their menstrual cycle into an unfair advantage. 

The app allows users to track their performance and feelings and learn about their body’s biology to enhance their training.

What we like about them WILD provides knowledge, support and empowerment which gives users a new outlook on training.

Explore more about WILD.AI here

This Mum Runs

This Mum Runs is the largest running community for mums.

Their aim is to empower mums to become happier and healthier. Runs are not focused on distance or pace and instead on minutes moving and the mental benefits provided. 

What we like about them This Mum Runs ethos enables a community and family feel where mums celebrate and encourage each other to turn up each week and progress. #WeAreTMR

Explore more about This Mum Runs here

The Well HQ

The Well HQ provides health and training through the female filter – cementing itself as a hub for active women and those who support them, from beginners to elite level athletes. 

They provide training and consultancy services, host numerous webinars and have their own book to help educate people about women’s biology.

What we like about them All three founders are women who have a huge amount of experience and passion for what they do, which creates a welcoming and informative environment where women can develop their learning.

Explore more about The Well HQ here

Girls Run The World

Girls Run the World aims to help women develop their skills, performance and knowledge through providing a range of courses, blogs, challenges and adventure opportunities, focused on existing or budding runners and triathletes.

What we like about them Women are encouraged to achieve their goals through sharing their journeys with a global community and getting access to guided video courses from female experts.

Explore more about Girls Run the World here

Her Spirit

Her Spirit aims to change the diet and fitness industry for women now and in future generations. 

Users can get involved in a range of programmes including a 10-day meditation programme, 30-day bootcamp and winter swim challenges. 

What we like about them Her Spirit has a safe, fun and supportive environment where women everywhere can get involved in exercise no matter their ability. #YourBestYearYet

Explore more about Her Spirit here

Further resources

Sport Tech Hub is a UK based innovation initiative powered by London Sport that supports sport startups and fitness startups that tackle physical inactivity.

The Sport Tech Hub has been working with health, sport and fitness industry leaders to collate a range of technological solutions to help people keep active during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond. To check out all the products listed on the database, please visit here

If you would like to connect with any of the products above or in our community, please reach out to the Sport Tech Hub team here

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