Finding a Sport Tech Solution for GB Snowsport

GB Snowsport have engaged with Sport Tech Hub with the purpose of finding a sport tech solution for an upcoming digital fundraising challenge.

Sport Tech Hub will use its community of sport startups and scaleups across the UK and beyond. 

This will enable GB Snowsport to ultimately create a mutually beneficial partnership with the selected sport tech venture which can deliver important outcomes for GB Snowsport, while supporting more people to be active.

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About GB Snowsport

GB Snowsport is the National Governing Body for elite snowsport in the UK. They manage and develop the programme to put British World Class skiers and snowboarders onto World Cup Podiums and win Olympic and Paralympic medals.

About the Digital Fundraising Challenge

GB Snowsport are looking to launch a digital fundraising challenge to run from April – May 2021 to help bring additional investment into their programmes ahead of the 2021/22 Winter Season and the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Beijing. 

Individuals and teams can enter into the virtual race which takes them around Britain via landmark destinations that are linked to some of GB Snowsport’s best-known athletes.

There will be a basic entry fee with optional-based fundraising and will be open for participants to compete against each other to cover the distant around the country as fast as possible.

Participants will ‘unlock’ content such as short films or video messages from GB Snowsport athletes as they reach milestones.

All entrants will be incentivised with a kit item at entry, and the winners of the challenge will win a more significant prize.

Finding a Sport Tech Solution for GB Snowsport – The Ideal Digital Solution

  • Be able to register entrants and recruit teams via a paid for sign up function with the addition of optional donation-based fundraising (expected price point: ~£15 per entrant).
  • Submit activity either through self-reporting or integration with app or wearable tracking products and visually track their progress along the “race” route.
  • Display participant progress of other teams in both a visual map and a leader-board style functionality.
  • Contact participants and trigger ‘reward’ content when milestones are met.
  • A modern-looking, branded platform that presents GB Snowsport in a professional manner.

Working with GB Snowsport

GB Snowsport will partner with the selected Sport Tech solution to launch the fundraising challenge.

The tech venture and its solution will help to bring additional investment into GB Snowsport programmes ahead of the 2021/22 Winter Season and the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Beijing.

This partnership will provide the selected tech venture a commercial and revenue generating partnership, reach and exposure and a fantastic use case to use with other governing bodies of sport across the UK and beyond.

How to Apply?

Complete this expression of interes by the end of 29 March 2021.

Apply Here
Application timeline for GB Snowsport's digital fundraising challenge

Holly Smith

Project Support Intern
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