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London Sport exists to make London the most physically active city in the world.

London Sport is supported by Sport England and the Mayor of London, and work in partnership with London’s Local Authorities and a host of agencies to support less active Londoners to build physical activity habits that support their health, wellbeing and prosperity.

Not at all. Our sessions are now run virtually. It may help to spend a week here during the programme to meet potential connections in person. 

The programme is free to apply to. We are confident in our service and the value you gain from our programme. Because of this, we operate on a pay on completion model. Our 3 month programme costs £500 (inc. VAT).

Yes. Even if we tried not to accept competing companies, we’d still get overlap because startups’ ideas morph so much. The way we deal with it is that when two startups are working on related stuff, we will respect information shared and discussed and keep this in confidence, eradicating risk of another startup accessing confidential or advantageous information.

Our support is provided fully virtually for the time-being meaning meetings and expertise will be conducted online.

Our main goal is to give you industry knowledge, help you understand the sector to gain partnerships, pilot opportunities and expand your network. We are connected to angels and VCs across the world and we will facilitate connections which can be led by founders, however raising investment isn’t the main focus of the programme.

We’re an equity and investment free programme.

Following a successful application, we create a 3 month business development programme curated based on your needs as a founder, your team and your organisation’s objectives. The support will include fixed deliverables such as sessions with our insight, industry and network experts, introductions to partners and assignment of mentors with 10 optional deliverables which we work with you to select.

should i apply? & application info

We select ventures based on projects, campaigns and industry need. This way we double the chances of getting you a pilot and creating impact.

The short answer is that if you can get people active, have a working MVP and are between 1-250 employees then we’re interested in working together to make the world a more active place.

Absolutely! We worked with startups of all stages. Our support is bespoke and tailored to you. If you have the ability to get people active and less than 250 employees then we can help. 

Yes. Many Sport Tech Hub members applied multiple times before being accepted. If you’ve applied before and not got in, we strongly encourage you to apply again. Having made progress since your last application is a strong signal to us. As we recruit based on known demand and projects, often we’ll re-reach out to you if we know that you are the perfect fit.

No, we won’t sign an NDA. We hear hundreds of ideas a year and aren’t in the business of stealing them.  In the words of YC “the informal commitment to secrecy on our application form is more than any VC would make. “

At this stage the best support we can offer will be through one of our bootcamps that run twice a year. Here we can provide you with industry insight and support to validate your concept. 

Nope! But it makes our life easier if you do.

Absoutely! The more support you get the better. Many startups we work with are on mulitple programmes at once.  

Stage 1: Expression of interest

Stage 2: Application

Stage 3: Internal deliberation

Stage 4: Exploration session

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