The year of the Female Olympians – empowering women in sport.

As the Olympics end this Sunday 8th August, the team here at Sport Tech Hub have been inspired by the female representation this year on Team GB.

For the first time at the Olympic Games, Team GB have more female than male athletes, sending over 201 women (53.5%) and 175 men (46.5%).

Not only that, but this year there is a record number of Mother’s on this year’s Team GB. While Mothers have been competing in the Olympics since the 1900’s, it is amazing to see increasing numbers, acceptance and positive conversation around athletes taking part while balancing motherhood.

Team GB demonstrating diversity and female empowerment is a true highlight in this summer of sport.

We hope the success of female athletes competing in the Olympic Games is inspiring the nation and empowering women and young girls to pursue sports and physical activity, when often there are many barriers to keeping active.

London Sport aims to help less active Londoner engage in physical sport and activity. A recent study on Women in East London, explored how to engage less active women in physical sport and activity, focusing on the diverse communities where activity levels were known to be below average.

Within this study, ‘Busy Mothers’ were identified as a less active community, and whilst the factors fluctuate depending on other characteristics around age, relationships, employment, the main barriers were around time constraints, financial issues, or lack of childcare.

It is so important we create a culture of facilitating positivity around women in sport, at all stages in life. We need to see a continuation of female representation in sports and physical activity, whether that is athletes on an Olympic stage, ‘Busy Mothers’ in our local parks or young girls on school teams.

London Sport advocate for an insight led approach to developing and delivering opportunities, seeking to hear from real people and use those insights to design approaches. Who knows the challenges faced and opportunities for change better than women themselves?

To encourage this message, we here at Sport Tech Hub want to celebrate the start-ups in our community who are empowering women in sport and physical activity, founded and led by women.

Here is a look at 5 of our start-ups who aim to empower, connect, educate and encourage women to be the best they can be through improving their mental and physical wellbeing.
wild ai 2
Founded by Hélène Guillaume

WILD.AI is a training app designed specifically for women that turns their menstrual cycle into an unfair advantage. 

The app allows users to track their performance and feelings and learn about their body’s biology to enhance their training.


Explore more about WILD.AI here

Founded by Mel Bound

This Mum Runs is the largest running community for mums.

Their aim is to empower mums to become happier and healthier. Runs are not focused on distance or pace and instead on minutes moving and the mental benefits provided. 

Explore more about This Mum Runs here

Founded by Melinda Nicci

Baby2Body is a science based, health & wellbeing coaching app for women during the reproductive years — helping women navigate the physical and psychological changes that come before, during, and after pregnancy.



Explore more about Baby2Body here

Founded by Rachael Woolston

Girls Run the World aims to help women develop their skills, performance and knowledge through providing a range of courses, blogs, challenges and adventure opportunities, focused on existing or budding runners and triathletes.


Explore more about Girls Run the World here

Founded by Mel Berry and Holly Woodford

Her Spirit aims to change the diet and fitness industry for women now and in future generations. 

Users can get involved in a range of programmes including a 10-day meditation programme, 30-day bootcamp and winter swim challenges. 


Explore more about Her Spirit here

To hear more about any of the products listed above – get in touch with the Sport Tech Hub team.

To see the full list of start-ups in our community, visit our Start-up and SME database here.

Aimee Palmer

Community Officer
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