Born Barikor, CEO & Founder of Our Parks: how he plans to grow his fitness class community to 1 million people each week

CEO and Founder Born Barikor will target a four-fold increase in his Our Parks community within three years telling the Talking Sport & Tech podcast his mission is to get a million Parkers fit by 2025.

Born spoke to podcast hosts Alex Zurita and Milly Pelmore about the importance of co-creation with the audience you are trying to serve, referring to the fact that often inactive communities will not react to or change behaviours from a ‘one-size fits all’ approach.

The growth of Our Parks and Born’s advice for founders in the sport and physical activity sector:

When discussing his journey in making exercise and physical activity accessible for all, Born says “now we’re more aware of not one product fits all. There are many groups and individuals that could access sport or activity, but they just need a different touch point to make them get access”.

Born has used the “experience economy” philosophy in building Our Parks, making sure each ‘Parker’ in his community has a positive experience from the fitness classes, to ensure they build strong and long-lasting relationships with exercise. 

Born encourages the message of letting your business evolve, saying how Our Parks have moved into many “so many different markets, we do school camps, now we do Couch to Fitness, we’re doing coaching qualification. That all started from one park, me in a park in the rain, trying to get 30-40 people active”.

As a leader, Born has never wanted to “stay still”, he is always searching for ways to improve their offering and their next move, it is this strategy that has led Our Parks to the milestone of reaching 250,000 people nationwide last year, and his new mission of getting 1 million ‘Parkers’ fit by 2025.

“If you let it stand still, what would it do? It will just stay there. If you give it the chance to evolve, it will evolve into so many other things”.

Born speaks to Alex and Milly about the inequalities in the sector and barriers to exercise across London and the UK.  

“Sport can unlock potential, but also there are barriers to systems in the way that we approach how we get people into those sports and there are so many different variants of upbringings and access, which we assume people can just do the stuff that we want them to do”.

Born’s mission with Our Parks is to “give everyone the opportunity, no matter where you live, or how much money you have, access to high quality exercise”.

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