Basildon Council partners with Street Tag to enhance the wellbeing of residents

Basildon Council is happy to announce the roll out of Street Tag in Basildon, to engage and incentivise residents and schools to walk and cycle around the borough.

Street Tag is exceptional at bringing together families, neighbours and communities to get out more by turning our streets into a virtual playground of tag, using walking, running and cycling to earn rewards.

Chairman of the Neighbourhoods and Public Spaces Committee, Councillor David Harrison said:

“We’re excited to be partnering with Street Tag and bring a sense of adventure to be being active in our borough.

“By turning being active into “tag” competitions between friends and family members, while linking it to prizes, Street Tag can be an invaluable part of getting outside and staying healthy.

“During this global pandemic finding time to get active has been shown to be doubly important: fitness helps our immune systems and balanced mental health is linked to increased physical activity – Street Tag can help you get both.”

Seun Oshinaike, Founder of Street Tag, said: “We are excited to be designing the future of physical activities with families, and making physical activities fun, sustaining and accessible.”

The Street Tag app provides the opportunity for people to engage in physical activities in the most fun and relaxing way through a number of activities and competitions, including the Schools Leaderboard and Community Leaderboard.

Schools on the Schools leaderboard will compete in physical activities against other schools in the borough. The Community Leaderboard on the other hand provides opportunity for residents of the borough to compete in smaller teams of up to six and scan virtual tags around the borough, converting your steps movement into Street Tag points, as well as joining online fitness classes to earn PEcodes to be redeemed for more points. On the leaderboards there will be opportunity for teams and families to win prizes whilst staying healthy and active either outdoors or indoors.

For more information on Street Tag, visit, and find Street Tag on the Play StoreApp StoreTwitterFacebook and Instagram.

Notes to editors: about Street Tag

  1. Virtual tags are placed in popular walking routes and areas with green space to encourage participatory and physical activities.

  2. Families walk, run or cycle to virtual tags which are placed on the interface of the apps.

  3. Virtual Tags are worth an average of 10 points per tag. Once users are near/within a 40-meter radius of a tag, the player receives the points which help the family/team to move up the leaderboard. There are also QR code tags worth 50+ points that are assigned to special buildings such as leisure centres, libraries.

  4. Convert your steps movement into Street Tag points, as well as join online fitness classes to earn PEcodes to be redeemed for more points.

  5. At the end of the challenge (be that approx. every 12 weeks) the top 15 teams are given prizes. There are also other opportunities for teams to win secondary prizes during the leaderboard activity such as the #CashTagHunt that are spread across the community.

  6. Tags change colour to red once they have been scanned, and cannot be scanned again for another hour, thus encouraging the user to explore other tags that are not yet scanned.

Seun Oshinaike

CEO & Founder Street Tag
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