Atlas AI joins Sport Tech Hub

Atlas AI become the latest venture to join Sport Tech Hub, having commenced their 12-week accelerator programme last week.
About Atlas AI

Atlas uses AI to track movements and progress during online workouts, allowing users to understand and improve their technique. Simply exercise in front of any phone or webcam, then Atlas tracks which exercises you’ve completed and how well you performed them in real-time. It’s a bit like Grammarly, but for your squats: the browser extension gives feedback while following workouts from any platform, including huge untapped markets like YouTube!

The Atlas AI team took part in Techstars Montreal in 2021, an accelerator programme focused on advancing the development and application of artificial intelligence technology ventures. Following this, Atlas AI will be working with London Sport to get ready to apply their AI product to the physically activity and sport sector.

Embedding AI technology in sport and physical activity

Sport Tech Hub will help launch and grow Atlas AI in London and beyond. The programme will provide Atlas AI with a greater knowledge and understanding of the physical activity and sport sector in London, helping Atlas AI understand routes for user acquisition in the capital.

Throughout the programme Atlas AI will be working with the team to understand how to test the product with relevant users, to ensure the product is fit for purpose and accessible for less active Londoners through potential partnerships and platforms.

Sam Miller, CEO and Founder Atlas AI:

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with the Sport Tech Hub. Their industry expertise will greatly complement our highly technical founding team, which includes two AI PhDs. It’s always great to work with others on our mission to help people stay motivated to stick to their fitness goals!”

Milly Pelmore, Accelerator and Operations Manager, Sport Tech Hub:

“There’s a real excitement to support Atlas AI as they get ready to launch – we’re seeing a huge growth in the application of AI in a sport and physical activity context. By helping them really understand their core audiences, we’ll ensure that the tool is as engaging and accessible to as many Londoners as possible. 

The simplicity of Atlas from an end user’s perspective means we hope to support the team to reach not just those already engaged in some aspect of fitness, but those who may lack motivation or understanding of how to perform certain movements.”

Milly Pelmore

Aimee Palmer

Communications Officer
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