Apps to use when running or walking during covid-19

By Get Active, in partnership with the Sport Tech Hub

In a series of articles produced in collaboration with London Sport’s consumer activity finder platform, Get Active, we take a look at a range of apps helping people stay active through walking or running.

The apps listed below are part of the Active At Home database, a tool curated by Sport Tech Hub and London Sport alongside key players in the SportsTech ecosystem.

Active At Home contains a range of free or low-cost physical activity offers provided by SportsTech, FitTech and HealthTech founders across the UK and beyond to help people to #StayInWorkOut.

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TrainAsONE is an AI (artificial intelligence) powered running training app which constantly adjusts a training plan according to the user, their data and goals.

Whatever the distance and target, be it completing the first 5k or podiuming an extreme ultra, TrainAsONE will work for each user alike!


What does the team at Get Active like about this app? 

This app is great for beginners, people looking to stay active and expert runners – the custom plans help each person stay motivated.

Plus, TrainAsONE automatically adjusts for any missed or off-plan workouts, so if an user skips a day (or three), it helps to get them back on track at their own pace!



Their unique adaptive Couch to 5k plan is now completely free.

For all other training plans, TrainAsONE have both free and paid options, with a 21 day free trial of all features for all new users.


Sign up on their website

Image showing TrainAsONE product
Image taken from TrainAsONE website
Image taken from the Pace to Race website

Pace to Race

Pace to Race is a running app featuring an AI (artificial intelligence) running coach and virtual pacer that guides users to perfectly pace every run in real-time while helping them achieve their goals.


The product is fully customisable, including km/miles, distance or time-frequency. Pace to Race also provides detailed post-run analysis with detailed charts on pace, splits, elevation and distance covered.


What does the team at Get Active like about this app? 

Supporting people and ensuring that users manage their run or race appropriately. Stopping people setting-off too fast or run out of steam before the end of a run or race.


Pace to Race’s virtual buddy and pacer also adds an element of competition – perfect for those challenging friends or family or simply looking to be the clock or pushing to make personal bests.



14 day free trial to premium features.

NHS workers have free subscription to the app until the end of the year.


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Running Heroes from Sport Heroes

Sport Heroes helps you to stay motivated with a daily dose of inspiration, weekly challenges and opportunities to unlock exclusive rewards from top brand like adidas and Under Armour.


What do we like about this app?

The challenges help you to mix up your training or workouts, and a chance to also win some freebies; regardless of your fitness level or pace, each mile earns you points! In light of covid-19, you can now log indoor activities too!



Free website and app that rewards you for running with exclusive discounts and prizes.


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Image showing Sport Heroes product
Image taken from the Sport Heroes website
Image showing Run an Errand product
Image taken from the Active Things website

Run an Errand, by Active Things

Run An Errand help walkers, runners and cyclists to run an errand for those most at risk of coronavirus, including elderly people who have been advised to socially distance for up to 12 weeks. 

Safeguarding advice is also provided to those running an errand. 


What does the team at Get Active like about this app?

Harnessing the power of volunteering! Little acts of kindness are important, now more than ever, and they go a long way in times of crisis. Running an errand will have a huge benefit to all parties involved. 



Both giving and receiving an errand is free. It’s done by volunteers who want to run or ride their bikes whilst helping those most at risk. If the errand involves buying something, payment is coordinated between the runner/rider and the recipient with social distancing and safeguarding guidance.


Sign up on their website


Runnin’City is an app that allows people to discover over 200 cities around the world while running (or walking). While also helping people navigate cities and making it very hard to get lost!


The product displays the route and provides directions to keep people on track and on their way. 

New routes, points of interest and fun facts are added each week to keep users engaged during their activity.


What does the team at Get Active like about this app? 

Giving people a daily dose of culture! The audio guide provides users with all they need to know about the city they are walking or running in – a great feature post covid-19 and while touring cities around the world.



Free to use app to help people discover new routes and explore their city.


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Image showing Runnin'City product
Image taken from the Runnin'City website
Image showing the Go Jauntly product
Image taken from the Go Jauntly website

Go Jauntly

Go Jauntly is an award-winning walking and way-finding app helping people discover walking guides, tours, nature and city trails while adding a positive connection to the outdoors!


The app also points out nifty tips, such as things of interest and places to eat nearby. 


What does the team at Get Active like about this app?

We all know that walking outside in nature has a whole host of mental and physical benefits; with Go Jauntly, people can contribute to a community of fellow explorers/walkers by creating and documenting their route with photos and detailing facts that other people may find useful or interesting. 



Get in touch via email to request access to a free premium subscription which enables the downloading of walking trails offline or to enjoy local premium walks. 


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Street Tag

Street Tag rewards physical activities such as walking, running, cycling and online fitness classes with prizes.


Virtual tags are placed on walking routes and areas with green space to encourage physical activities. Once near a tag, local community members, families and individuals will receive points which help their family/team to move up on the local leaderboard.


What does the team at Get Active like about this app? 

This Monopoly-style virtual reality app encourages families and friends to get active in their community. The ‘Community Leaderboard’ promotes healthy competition and offers exciting prizes for winners! 



The Street Tag app is free to use and in light of the covid-19 outbreak, families and individuals can earn Street Tag points and win prizes by being physically active at home.


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Image showing Street Tag product
Image taken from the Street Tag website
Image showing Sweatcoin product
Image taken from the Sweatcoin website


Sweatcoin wants a healthier population and a healthier planet. Sweatcoin achieves this by converting recorded steps into a virtual currency. Using this app, people can spend sweatcoins on products and services within the store in the app, ranging from high-tech shoes to Apple Watches. 


What does the team at Get Active like about this app?

The higher the levels of activity, the higher the amount of Sweatcoins that can be converted – it’s as simple as that! 


Even better, Sweatcoin also allows users to use their sweatcoins and donate them to environmental, humanitarian and animal preservation charities via their crowdfunding function. 



Free to download.


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What does research show?

While many households are encouraged to #StayInWorkOut during the covid-19 outbreak, government guidelines suggest that people can go outside for one form of exercise, such as walking or running – individually or with members of their household. 

Going outside to get some fresh air and get active can benefit mental wellbeing, though it is advised that people always follow the official advice on social distancing if going outside. 

With this in mind, SportTech, FitTech and HealthTech products as those listed above, listed on the Active At Home database and supported through Sport Tech Hub have an important role in positively impacting participation levels and the health of the population across London and beyond.

Further resources

The Sport Tech Hub have been working with health, sport and fitness industry leaders to collate a range of technological solutions to help people keep active during the coronavirus pandemic.  

To check out all the products listed on the Active At Home database, please visit  

If you would like to add a product to the database, visit here.

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