Active at Home – 5 New Products in the Sport Tech Hub Community

January 19 may seem like any other day, however, there is more significance behind the date that you may realise.

New insight from Strava – the world’s largest sports participation platform – reveals that January 19 is the day people are most likely to give up on their New Year’s fitness resolutions.

At Sport Tech Hub, we know that technology has the power to motivate people to continue to participate in activity, using the likes of gamification and personalisation to help people get past the quitter’s day hump.  

We are continuously on the hunt for innovative products to support our community, curating a startup and SME database to help organisations keep their members, service users and communities active.

Below are five of our favourite recently added apps and sport tech products which we think could benefit a range of people in becoming more active.  

With numerous selected products being added to the database on an on-going basis, we will continue to give you the lowdown on these new, exciting and innovative products which can help to tackle inactivity, especially during the current lockdown and pandemic.  


About them

Zimizam is an app for children with autism which incorporates positivity, mindfulness and exploratory learning. The end goal is to help reduce obesity and anxiety within these young individuals alongside enhancing their education.

What we like about them

Zimizam is providing a huge amount of value to an often-underserved group. Using technology, Zimizam is enabling young children on the spectrum the ability to be more active through supporting physical activity and mindfulness. We love the founder’s empathetic, design lead approach and how they have created a valuable resource to engage children and support parents and teachers.

Discover Zimizam’s website here

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Images from Zimizam website


About them

Lupa is a digital running studio that guides users through their runs with both live route navigation and mindful guidance. Lupa suggests new routes based on the user’s preferences and provides live navigation audio meaning there is no need to keep checking a phone! 

What we like about them  

Lupa provides users with personal adaptive coaching with live responsive audio cues based on their goals and performance. This helps to get in the right mindset and improves their technique helping each user to reach their goals more efficiently.  

Discover Lupa here

Images from Lupa website

Breathe Happy

About them

Breathe Happy is an online platform that provides live and interactive yoga sessions with top authentic instructors. Users can easily discover and select sessions suitable to them and get involved with just a mat and internet connection. 

What we like about them

Breathe Happy provides a range of online sessions and resources for people of different abilities and ages. This includes classes specifically for children, to boost immunity and for beginners.

Discover Breathe Happy’s website here

Images from Breath Happy website
Breath Happy 1

Challenge Accepted

About them

Challenge Accepted is a healthy lifestyle app that helps people discover, track and complete a range of challenges including, travel, reading, and health and fitness challenges. If someone doesn’t find the right challenge for them the user can simply create their own! To enhance the user’s motivation, they can then share their challenges with friends or even do them together.  

What we like about them  

People can set reminders to help them keep track of their challenges making it perfect for people with busy lifestyles as each user can choose a time and day that suits them best! 

Discover Challenge Accepted here 

Images from Challenge Accepted website
Challange Accepted 1

Active Giving

About them

Active Giving provides a platform for both individuals and companies to increase and promote personal fitness and wellbeing whilst also helping to contribute to environmental projects. The Active Giving app converts calories burned or kilometres covered into trees planted helping to increase motivation and feel-good factor.  

What we like about them

Active Giving has helped to plant over 160,000 trees so far helping to improve air and water quality, biodiversity, soil health and forest productions.

Discover Active Giving here

Images from Active Giving website
Active giving 3

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Further resources

The Sport Tech Hub has been working with health, sport and fitness industry leaders to collate a range of technological solutions to help people keep active during the coronavirus pandemic.   

To check out all the products listed on the database, please visit here

If you would like to connect with any of the products above on our database, please reach out to the Sport Tech Hub team here

If you would like to add a product to the database, visit  here

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