5 New start-ups within the Sport Tech Hub Community

Our Sport Tech Hub community is an innovative group of tech companies that aim to increase physical activity and participation in fun and sustainable ways. 

We are always growing and bringing in new products to our community, and we are excited to share with you 5 new start-ups we have welcomed this month.

Step Tribe

StepTribe gets people active with family and friends using virtual walking challenges to play our part in creating active nations around the world. You can create your challenge to and from anywhere in the world! Then create your Tribe who will complete the challenge virtually together with you. Each challenge can be sponsored to raise money for great charities.

We aim to change the world together. One step at a time. 


Founded by:                                                                                                                                                                                                        Simon Smallbone 



Challenge Accepted

Challenge Accepted is a free app helping people to discover, track and complete challenges on health and fitness, reading, wellness and more. Challenge Accepted are on a mission to give people the tools to stay motivated with all their personal challenges – no matter how big or small.

Founded by:
Steph Mandeville and Paul Johnson



Vitesse Running

Vitesse Running is an AI-powered running app, which generates a personalised workout plan for runners of all levels. Following the guidance of the Coach, runners are able to progress and improve their results in a matter of weeks. Following Vitesse Running, the team developed a new service – Vitesse Health, which is aimed at supporting working people in doing more sports.

Vitesse Health is an employer benefit package, that companies can implement in order to bring their workers closer together and motivate them to be active.

Founded by:
Ralitsa Ivanova, Martin Markov, Deyan Genovski


Pitchbooking is a scheduling and payments solution for sports facilities. We enable the public to find, book and pay for the rental of a venue in under 60 seconds, while giving facility managers the tools they need to better manage their facilities.

Founded by: 
Fearghal Campbell, Chris McCann, Shea O’Hagan

Champions Minds

Champion’s Mind makes pro level sport psychology training available to all athletes everywhere. The platform offers a structured and accountable solution for athletes and coaches at all levels of competition.

Unlike similar platforms, Champion’s Mind addresses both peak performance mindset and mental health training specifically for athletes. Our customers include NCAA college teams such as UCLA, ASU, Rice, Duke and dozens more. 

Founded by: 
Dave Kearney, Dr Jim Afremow

 Website:                                                                                                                                                                     https://www.championsmind.app/

To explore a greater range of products, visit our start-up and SME database to discover other products aiming to increase and improve physical activity opportunities.

If you would like to connect with any of the products above on our database, please reach out to the Sport Tech Hub team here

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Aimee Palmer

Community Officer
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