5 New Products within the Sport Tech Hub Community

We have highlighted five exciting sport tech products within our community that aim to increase physical activity in fun and innovative ways, both indoors and outdoors.

As Covid restrictions start to lift, it will be vital to promote physical activity in a variety of ways so participants feel safe and comfortable when participating. 

Therefore, SMEs providing opportunities for users to get active at home or outside will most likely have a greater impact on people’s confidence and speed in which they re-engage in physical activity. 

To explore a greater range of products, visit our start-up and SME database to discover other products aiming to increase and improve physical activity opportunities.


Hubbsters logo. White text with black background
Image from Hubbster

About them

Hubbster’s Hubs make games and recreational gear easily accessible in outdoor public areas for people to engage with 24/7

Users access the facilities through an app and can send invites to others to join making it a social occasion.

What we like about them

There are three different levels of Hubs ranging from small to large allowing the facilities to adapt depending on the needs of the area. 

Hubs can include games and activities such as chess, ping pong, CrossFit and football training. 

Learn more about Hubbster here.


Image from Jabii

About them 

Jabii combines gaming with real-life sports by creating a fun, social and competitive game that involves an extendable boxing device. 

The extendable arm sends real-life data to the Jabii app tracking and recording every punch and move.

What we like about them 

Users can customise their profile, adapt match settings, track their performance and match statistics and share their successes on social media as they climb the leader board. 

Learn more about Jabii here.

Find a Player

Find a Player logo with white figure and blue backgroud
Image from Find a Player

About them

Find a Player is a platform that aims to simplify finding and playing sports in users local area. 

Users can find a range of events and games to partake in and find additional players to boost team numbers!

What we like about them

Find a Player is a great tool for organisers and clubs as it is quick and easy to organise games, take payments and find players, reducing admin time to minutes.

Learn more about Find a Player here.


Racecheck logo. Green image with black background
Image from Racecheck

About them

Racecheck provides a single platform where runners and other athletes can discover a range of races taking place. 

A range of events can be found include cycling, swimming, off road running and virtual events. 

Events range in distance and users can narrow down searches to tailor their needs.

What we like about them

Racecheck have a community and stories section which allow users to explore, engage and interact with other runners and athletes. 

This can help users decide on which runs they participate in depending on reviews, finding people to run with or simply sharing their experiences.

Learn more about Racecheck here.


Tagitve logo. Tiger and monkey figures
Image from Tagtiv8

About them

Tagtiv8 brings an element of excitement and fitness to children’s learning helping to increase their self-confidence and promote physical well-being. 

The product helps to develop children’s maths and literacy skills and can be used to enhance other subjects such as science and geography.

What we like about them

Through utilising physical activity teachers can make learning fun and increase engagement. 

Side to this the children will also develop teamwork, creativity and collaboration.

Learn more about Tagtiv8 here.

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