5 New Products in the Sport Tech Hub Community

From merging gaming with exercise through to exo-suits to support mobility. We are truly living in a golden age for innovation.

 Although still years away from the elements of the virtual world we see in Ready Player One, the use of garments and gaming in physical activity is certainly becoming more prevalent. Read on to see how the innovative products that join our community are changing how people can be active.

Quell Tech

About them

Quell offers high intensity, resistance-based workouts that combine real gaming with real exercise. Users travel through fantasy worlds, fight enemies and take on challenges, increasing their characters strength and ability.

What we like about them

Quell provides a new and exciting way to get active at home and engages those looking to add an extra element to their fitness. Each fight guide will guide users through a high-intensity workout that is tailored to their fitness goals.

Learn more about Quell Tech here

Images from Quell Tech Website
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Tonus Tech

About them

Tonus Tech’s vision is for people to stay fit and active for longer. Their exo gears reduce strain on joints, add strength and adjust to the user’s natural walking style helping them to move better and overcome barriers to physical activity. 

What we like about them

The technology is embedded into the garments in a comfortable and stylish way meaning users can feel confident when wearing and utilising the power of the exo gears.

Learn more about Tonus Tech here

tonus tech 2
Images from Tonus Tech website


About them

Moovosity is a physical activity and movement solution for families, educators and health providers. Adults can track children’s activity levels and discover activity programmes for them. Moovosity can also be used to support active ageing utilising a holistic solution. 

What we like about them

Moovsity is a great way to get younger people active as they become engaged in a competitive environment where they are encouraged and rewarded for their participation. Moovosity also aligns with the national curriculum making it easier to implement.

Learn more about Moovosity here

moovosity 1
Images from Moovosity Website


About them

Could you survive an apocalypse? Imaginative has created a series of audio episodes, to play whilst running, that create a virtual environment where users must overcome obstacles to survive and move onto the next level.

What we like about them

The app focuses on three survival areas: speed on runs, strength in circuits and control in yoga creating a balanced workout experience.

Want to find out more about Imaginative? Explore a previous blog here.

Learn more about Imaginactive here

Imagin active
Images from Imaginactive Website
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About them

forwARdgame utilises technology to get children more active through a variety of fun and engaging games. These games aim to increase physical activity both within the house and outside. 

What we like about them

Users can access a range of virtual sports / games to get involved in that require little to no equipment making it more accessible.  forwARdgame brings the future of sport and technology closer together.

Learn more about forwARdgame here

forward game
Images from forwARdgame

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